Chattanooga Valley Church of the Nazarene
2853 Chattanooga Valley Road, Flintstone GA 30725     706-820-9914

If you have driven through Flintstone Georgia you have driven by Chattanooga Valley Church of the Nazarene.  And if you have, you may have noticed some of the changes that have occurred over the past few years.  They have been hard to miss!  A new sanctuary has been built to meet the needs of our growing church, and we recently completed a new fellowship hall and gymnasium complex.

But what you see from the outside is only a small part of our story.  Our church is comprised of people from all walks of life.  We understand something about life’s problems, and our desire is to be a Christ centered, Bible based, caring community in which people can thrive and grow.  The following are brief statements by which we attempt to express this desire.

We are a friendly and caring body of believers who love the Lord and who believe in the authority of Scripture. 

We are a community of believers committed to worshipping God.  We believe that our primary purpose for existing is to worship God and our desire is that everything we do as a church will bring glory to Him. 

We are committed to reaching out in love to others with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We want to be known as a church that intentionally makes God’s plan of salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ known to the world. 

We are a church that believes that loving God and loving others is the best expression of our faith.  To that end, it is our desire to be a community that is authentic in our love. 

We are a church committed to preparing our members and those in the communities we serve to successfully live their faith in their daily lives through discipleship and fellowship.


In case you want to know who we are . . .

Welcome to our web site!  On it, you can learn a little bit about who we are.  If you currently don’t have a church home I would like to personally invite you to experience Life at Chattanooga Valley Church of the Nazarene!

-Pastor Jon Bemis